Steve Lerner
Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Network Engineering, eBay
Greater New York City Area | Information Technology and Services

Specialist in performance engineering for web/app speed.

Engineering, operations, and technology innovation leadership:
• Global internet infrastructure: content delivery networks / datacenter / network
• International engineering team management: software development, operations, NOC
• Web and mobile app performance engineering
• Vendor management: sourcing, benchmarking, negotiations
• Product development/management, sales, and sales engineering
• Diligence for venture, merger, and acquisition investments / business plans / forecasting
• Public speaking and evangelism

Technology creation is my favorite activity- some formative highlights:
• Built a Heathkit shortwave radio, as a kid
• Apple ][+ BASIC programming classes at the University of California in 6th grade
• Worked as assistant electromechanical prototype design engineer during high school
• Began using Internet and BSD 4.3 UNIX for programming and early social networking (messaging, forums, email, image sharing) at the University of California
• Startup IPO at Sonic Solutions in 1994 - I specialized in IP networks for music studios

The field of technology lends itself to working with great people all over the world- and that is the most important reward for me.

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Network Engineering (2013 - Present)
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Internet

Core internet infrastructure engineering, operations, and strategy for web/mobile app speed/performance and scalability for eBay Marketplace's $80B/yr of enabled commerce.
• Responsible for nearly 100% of eBay's public internet bandwidth past front-end infrastructure
• Drive gains in site, app, and mobile speed
• Design, deploy, and manage content delivery network (CDN) architecture and configurations
• Lead software development of site/app speed visualization, control, alerting, and reporting
• Vendor selection, management, negotiations, usage/cost analysis, and budget responsibility
• Public speaking at Velocity, Akamai Edge, and various site/app/network performance events
• Results include double digit percentage improvement in site speed and eight figure cost savings